This is in response to “Who’s really ripping ME off?” (March 2).

Where’s the beef?

Charts make good page fillers but only tell a small portion of the corporate fraud story. Were the companies listed found guilty of a criminal or a civil violation? Or a combination of both? After the criminal cases were adjudicated, how many of the conspirators served time in either state or federal prison? How many served no time at all?

In the cases where excess payments went to corporations and restitution recouped by civil action, were these overpayments the result of shoddy paperwork submitted by the company? The failure of state employees in catching errors? Or a combination of both?

I also noticed that the charts covered only the years of Gov. Paul LePage’s term. What about frauds committed prior to 2011?

The public relies on fair, balanced and up-to-date reporting to remain current on issues that have a direct effect on their lives. Excusing failures to report stories by writing “blipped under the radar screen of most of Maine’s media” doesn’t cut it.

Unlike politicians, the average voter does not lead a cloistered life. Every day hard-working taxpayers observe people bilking the system while they work hard, struggling to provide life’s necessities for their families.

Their complaints are heard but ignored by their elected officials.

People are angry and what better way to express that anger than the upcoming elections.

Robert Macdonald, Mayor of Lewiston

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