Northern Sun

Ryder Eugene Ross, a boy to Cynthia and Brandon Ross of Bath, Feb. 8. Sibling, Rozalynn; grandparents, Marita Wallace, Bobby and Toni Morton, Suzanne and David Hitchcock.

Seger Henry Stead, a boy to Jennifer Gordon Stead and Christopher Stead, Feb. 19. Siblings, Sawyer and Olive.

Franklin Hospital

Timber Lilly Jacobs, a girl to Tina AnnMarie Robinson and Max Tucker Jacobs of Turner, March 3. Siblings, Ava and Chloie; grandparents, Juli Howard, Farmington, Scott Robinson, Florida, Shawn Jacobs, Turner, Claire Fournier, Turner.

Bridgton Hospital

Monica Elzade Rockwell, a girl to Julia E. Dobson and Chris Lee Rockwell of Bridgton, Feb. 11. Siblings, Jackson and Riley; grandparents, David Dobson, Windham, Mariz Camp, Davenport, Iowa.

Violet Ethel Gagnen, a girl to Hannah M. (Ritz) and Joshua F. Gagnen of Raymond, Feb.15. Sibling, Evelyn; grandparents, Victroia Rivera, David Ritz, Carol and Francis Gagnen.

Emmitt-Ryan A.H. Johnson, a boy to Melissa K. King and Timothy H. Johnson of Harrison, Feb.12. Grandparents, Karen and Fred King, Harrison, Wendy Jenson and Jeff Johnson, Naples/Bridgton.

Ariel Kierstin Sampson, a girl to Shannon E. (Spahr) and Brandon M. Sampson of Bridgton, Feb. 22. Sibling, Max; grandparents, Nancy Spahr, Fountain Hills, Ariz., Marilyn Nelson, Tacoma, Wash.

Rumford Hospital

Carson Alexander Nasatowicz, a boy to Allison Nasatowicz and Anthony Churchill of Mexico, Feb. 11. Grandparents, Carol Nasatowicz, Rumford, Kevin Nasatowicz, Rumford, Mary Lee, Carthage; great-grandparents, Jean Nasatowicz, Mexico, Dana Churchill, Livermore Falls, Donna Churchill, Livermore Falls, Sylvia and Fern Bosse, Norway.

Addison Katherine Dalton, a girl to Amanda and Luke Dalton of Canton, Feb. 13. Grandparents, Gary and Kathy Tozier, Roxbury, Tom and Bonnie Chasse, Mexico, Rex Dalton, Jay; great-grandparents, Katherine Lawler, Mexico, Joyce Dalton, Jay, Ina Asselin, Fayette.

Kira Maria White, a girl to Shannon and Edward H. White IV of Rumford, Feb. 13. Sibling, Cory James; grandparents, Diane and Kevin O’Leary, Rumford, Tammy Jordan and Edward H. White III, Livermore, Suzanne Therrien, Greenfield, Mass.; great-grandparents, Robert Leigh, Livermore, Letitia Therrien, Greenfield, Mass., Gail White, Greenfield, Mass. 

Pearl Elaine Bennett, a girl to Hana Pelletier and Justin Bennett of Greenwood, Feb. 16. Grandparents, Susan Fesenmaier and Lloyd Bennett, Weld, Pam and Dan Pelletier, Belgrade.

Greyson Conrad Hall, a boy to Karri and Leonard Hall of Mexico, Feb. 20. Sibling, Gabriel Hall; grandparents, Joe and Becky Hall, Roger and Paulina Richard, Joe and Paulina McPherson; great-grandparents, Janice Hall, Virginia McPherson, Joe and Doris Richard.

Griffin Scott Holmquist, a boy to Sheena and Justin Holmquist of Mexico, Feb. 28. Sibling, Garrison; grandparents, Ernest and the late Deborah Holmquist, Jim and Cyndi Hamner; great-grandparents, Francis Holmquist, Phyllis Knox, Lelia Hamner.

Garrison Lee Holmquist, a boy to Sheena and Justin Holmquist of Mexico, Feb. 28. Sibling, Griffin; grandparents, Ernest and the late Deborah Holmquist, Jim and Cyndi Hamner; great-grandparents, Francis Holmquist, Phyllis Knox, Lelia Hamner.

Stephens Memorial

Sofia-Ann Lauren Fournier, a girl to Jenna Fournier of Oxford, Jan. 27. Sibling, Alexis Elizabeth; grandparents, Dennis Fournier and Lisa Annance, Oxford, Beth Mills, Pompano Beach, Fla.

Marco Legere Deiulio, a boy to Amanda and Anthony Deiulio of Rumford, Jan. 28. Grandparents, Kim and Dany Anctil, Peru, Mark and Shelley Driscoll, Tom’s River, N.J., Joseph Deiulio, Norway, Mike and Debbie Martin, Mason Township.

Reese Marie Hayford, a girl to Rene Ray and Terry Hayford of Hartford, Feb. 6. Grandparents, Penny Ray and Kevin Rosenburg, Hartford, JoAnn and Lyndy Hayford, Hartford.

Ashton Grant Bonang, a boy to Hannah and Tony Bonang of Oxford, Feb. 8. Sibling, Taliah; grandparents, Kathy and John White, South Paris, Mary Bonang, Oxford; great-grandparent, Helen Jackson, South Paris.

Landon Joshua Paradis, a boy to Morgan Vellaro and Joshua Paradis or Mechanic Falls, Feb. 13. Grandparents, Colleen and Chuck Starbird, Mechanic Falls, Ryan Paradis, Auburn, Amy and Dale Dill, Auburn.

Rylee Ruth Paradis, a girl to Samantha Blom and Tim Paradis of South Paris, Feb. 13. Grandparents, Doris Lyons, Norway, Bruce Blom, Boynton Beach, Fla., Susan Sessions, South Paris, Ronald Paradis, West Paris.

Candace Rose McNeil, a girl to Rosemond Warren and Brandon McNeil of Hartford, March 5. Grandparents, Donna and Leon Warren, Buckfield, Alan McNeil, Hartford, Diane Maletto, Wellston, Okla.

Miranda Rae Purdy, a girl to Erin Adams and Seth Purdy of Waterford, March 5. Sibling, Sarah; grandparents, Brad and Karen Adams, Waterford, Chris and Barbara Purdy, Waterford.


Kiara Lynn Cooper, a girl to Danielle Osgood and Scott Cooper of Livermore Falls, Dec. 19. Siblings, Kaleb, Cyrena and Coby; grandparents, Tammy Legendre, Fanning Spring, Fla., Cathy and Alan Bachelder, Leeds, Robert Levesque, Milan, N.H.; great-grandparents, Geneva Bean, Fanning Springs, Fla., Glenn and Louis Osgood, Durham, Joseph Levesque, Berlin, N.H.

Luke Heath Viger, a boy to Vanessa and Heath Viger of Turner, Dec. 25. Grandparents, Wayne and Carolyn Viger, Turner, Chuck and Lucy Faucher, Topsham; great-grandparents, Jean Faucher, Bath, Ines Lugo, Holyoke.

Leo Howard Parker, a boy to Julia Ricker and Luis Candelaria of Lewiston and Auburn, Dec. 30. Grandparents, Natashia Parker, Lewiston, Edmund Ricker, Windham, Luis Candelaria, Auburn; great-grandparents, Olin and Tina Parker, Poland, Luz Santana, Bangor.

Future Anne Marie Edwards, a girl to Christina and Robert Edwards of Lewiston, Jan. 11. Siblings, Shawn, Joe and Legend; grandparents, Judith Godin, Auburn, William Godin, Auburn, Sandra Hanscom, Auburn.

Emmalyn Grace Pulk, a girl to Samantha and Brian Pulk of Lewiston, Jan. 12. Sibling, Izabella; grandparents, Dan and Tina Thompson, Lewiston, Scott and Linda Pulk, Auburn; great-grandparents, Al and Connie Harvey, Lewiston.

Zoie Sweet Hardt, a girl to Kira Lacombe and Justin Hardt of Sabattus, Jan. 16. Siblings, Sadie, Bryson and Braden; grandparents, Roxanne Hardt, Sabattus, Lisa and Aaron Boulley, Lewiston, Michael and Linda Lacombe, Lewiston, Peter and Aldea Dragon, Lewiston; great-grandparents, Kenneth and Vickie Hardt, Auburn, Diane Carr, Brunswick, David and Margaret Garry, Raymond, Stan and Karin Pruell, Lisbon.

Elizabeth Caroline Booth, a girl to Jilian and Steven Booth of Wayne, Jan. 17. Sibling, Timothy; grandparents, Carol Booth, Wayne, Harold Booth, Hallowell, John and Shirley Paulling, Greeneville, Tenn.; great-grandparents, Reka Kaetzel, Lebbenon, Ohio, William Booth, Bar Harbor.

Phoebe Ann Hussey, a girl to Crystal and Michael Hussey of Greene, Jan. 18. Siblings, Elizabeth and Rosa; grandparents, Karen Bond, Auburn, Al and Marie Hussey, New Gloucester; great-grandparents, Real Tanguay, Windham, Walter and Betty Groce, Ocala, Fla.

Omari Gregory Koumou-Nete, a boy to Alexandria Shaw and Assamahvi Koumou-Nete of Lewiston, Jan. 19. Grandparents, Peggy Shaw, Wales, Gregory Shaw, Wales; great-grandparents, Lillian Glew, Fort Fairfield.

David Michael Legasse Jr., a boy to Jodi Henry and David Lagasse of Lewiston, Jan. 25. Siblings, Alyssa, Alex and Caleb; grandparents, Diane Lagasse, Lewiston, David Slattery, Sabattus; great-grandparents, Cecille Duval, Lewiston.

Judah Michael Sweet, a boy to Mikeala McArthur and Tannon Sweet of Litchfield, Jan. 26. Grandparents, Melissa Geroux, Litchfield, Mike Truman, Randolph, Misty Edmonds, Massillon; great-grandparents, Deborah McArthur, Chelsea, Eugene McArthur, Chelsea, Donna Young, Brunswick, Bill Young, Brunswick.

Ari Samuel Hotham, a boy to Celeste and Samuel Hotham of Auburn, Jan. 27. Sibling, Grace-Ann; grandparents, Carol and Phil Hotham, Mexico, Diane and Donald Michaud, Turner; great-grandparents, Shirley Swett, Mexico, Evelyn Hotham, Rumford, Yvonne Michaud, Turner.

Jayden Mark German, a boy to Felicia German of Auburn, Jan. 28. Siblings, Jayla and Jaxton; grandparents, Paula German, Auburn, Richard German, Lewiston.

Ridge Taisto Jack Raasumaa, a boy to Victoria Brooke Jack and Wolfe Taisto Raasumaa of Norway, Jan. 29. Grandparents, Dawn Raasumaa, Norway, Jennifer and Rickie Jack, Norway and Oxford, Chris Raasumaa, Norway; great-grandparents, Jackie and Joe Cotton, Waterford, Sue and Norman Penney, Alfred, Gayle Saunders, Willington, Conn.

Lillian Noel Johnston, a girl to Kasey Austin and Nicholas Johnston of Wales, Jan. 31. Grandparents, William and Lynn Austin, Wales, Olan and Christine Johnston, Evansville, Ind., Jessica Siderio, Wales, Lura Johnston, Oakland; great-grandparents, Horton and Ruby Austin, Wales, Richard and Mary Lou Hurd, Auburn, Linda Siderio, Wales, Nadine Johnston, Oakland.

Jackson Higbee Nickel, a boy to Amie and Craig Nickel of Auburn, Feb. 2. Grandparents, Richard and Gail Nickel, Buckfield, Janine Thibodeau, Lewiston; great-grandparents, Yvonne Thibodeau, Lewiston, Lorette Chabot, Jay.

Forest Lee Kilbreth, a boy to Vanessa and Heath Kilbreth of Mechanic Falls, Feb. 4. Grandparents, Stephen and Thelma Kilbreth, Mechanic Falls, Steve and Barbara Howell, Scottsville, Ky.; great-grandparents, Novel Howell, Scottsville, Ky., Billy and Toddy Kilbreth, Turner.

Marissa Evelee Lewis, a girl to Jessie and Joseph Lewis of Auburn, Feb. 8. Sibling, Alexis; grandparents, Barbara and Ken Charity, Hartford, Ray and Linda Dennis, South Paris; great-grandparents, Sharon Lewis, Peacedale, R.I., Evelyn Parker, Turner, Paul and Margaret Johnson, Lewiston.

Liam Gideon Bachelder, a boy to Cynthia and Aaron Bachelder of Livermore Falls, Feb. 12. Grandparents, Tina and Phil Nickey, Leeds, Nikki Labbe and Charles Bachelder, Turner; great-grandparents, Phil Bickett, Greene, Charles Barker, Leeds, Dawn Barker, Livermore Falls.

Declan Maxwell Carrier, a boy to Sheena and Dustin Carrier of Lewiston, Feb. 12. Grandparents, Claude and Rolinda Marichal, Lewiston, Andre and Tina Carrier, Lewiston; great-grandparents, Lucky DiBello, Auburn, Andre Marichal, Lewiston, Gerry and Jackie Mathieu, Lewiston, Prisilla Carrier, Lisbon.

Khloe Marie Young, a girl to Kayla and Geoffrey Young of Lisbon, Feb. 13. Grandparents, Roger Marquis, Sabattus, Patty Marquis, Sabattus, Christopher and Rebecca Young, Caratunk; great-grandparents, Robert and Joan Cross, Skowhegan, Emile Marquis, Lewiston.

Cruz Orland LeClair, a boy to Hillary Foster and Richard LeClair of Lewiston, Feb. 14. Grandparents, Rick and Lee Wesinger, Lewiston, Donald and Donna Foster, Lewiston.

Chloe Marie Bosse, a girl to Jessica and Jeffrey Bosse of Poland, Feb. 14. Grandparents, Steve and Sue Verrill, Poland, Sheila Bosse, Mechanic Falls; great-grandparents, Ruth and Osmand Verrill, Poland.

John Henry Hyde, a boy to Jonica Ruth Hyde of Bowdoin, Feb. 15. Grandparents, John and Holly Hyde, Bowdoin; great-grandparents, Robert and Ruth Hyde, Bowdoin.

Nolan Thomas Lacroix, a boy to Kristina and Jeffrey Lacroix of Auburn, Feb. 15. Sibling, Harrison; grandparents, Joe and Sall Grube, Lewiston, Luke Lacroix, Vassalboro, Denise Murilla, Lewiston; great-grandparents, Leonel and Lorraine Lacroix, Lewiston, Roger Lacroix, Lewiston.

Ryan Jeffrey Williams, a boy to Jen and Norman Williams of Farmingdale, Feb. 17. Siblings, Alyssa and Carter; grandparents, Kathleen Poulin, Farmingdale, Trudy Williams, Winthrop.

Coltyn Bryce Brown, a boy to Tina Harvey and Charles Brown Jr. of Sabattus, Feb. 22. Siblings, Kitaira and Dylan; grandparents, Joyce Welch, Bend, Ore., Christin Buhrow, Sabattus, Jules Charest, Sabattus; great-grandparents, Lahoma Figgins, Bend, Ore., Arthur Figgins, Bend, Ore.

St. Mary’s

Coraline Ker, a girl to Samantha Downs and Edward Ker of Auburn, Feb. 1. Grandparents, Jamie Whitmore and David Downs, Buckfield, Daniel Ker and Deborah Ker, Winslow; great-grandparents, Phillip and Irene Whitmore, Buckfield, Roger and Elizabeth Downs, Sumner.

Lincoln Michaud, a boy to Sydney Rushforth and Kyle Michaud of Lewiston, Feb. 1. Grandparents, Philip Michaud, Turner, Sallyann Scrivano, Sedgwick, Amy Austin and Rob Austin, Poland, Clint Weed, Sedgwick; great-grandparents, Connie Michaud, Auburn, Nancy Turner, Lewiston.

Gunnar Berry, a boy to Rebecka Vines and Jared Berry of Auburn, Feb. 2. Sibling, Jordan; grandparents, Julie Berry, Frank Berry, Lewiston, Steven Milliken, Heather Tilton, Mechanic Falls; great-grandparent, Phyllis Vincent, North Anson.

Declan Micheal Ferriter, a boy to T. Patrick and Amanda Ferriter of Auburn, Feb. 2. Sibling, Catherine; grandparents, Benjamin and Kelley Gutowski, New Hampshire, Steve and Shannon Phair, Belgrade; great-grandparents, Jack and Ruth Tymon, Connecticut, Michael and Shirley Scully, Oakland.

Sophia Lynn Gibbens, a girl to Dominique Cestro and Nick Gibbens of Lewiston, Feb. 3. Siblings, Jordan and Carter; grandparents, Dianna Gibbens, Mindy Cestro, Lewiston, Zack Gibbens, Lisbon; great-grandparents, Diane Roux, Leeds, Pat Burgoyn, Minnesota.

Sean Sturges Carey, a boy to Audrey Chapman and Michael Carey of Lewiston, Feb. 4. Sibling, Emmaleen; grandparents, Karen and Peter Chapman, Oxford, Catherine and Kevin Carey, Leeds.

Lilly Ann Ellen Steckino, a girl to Nicole Fitzgerald and Michael Steckino of Lisbon Falls, Feb. 4. Sibling, Aidan; grandparents, Pam and Bob Fitzgerald, Lisbon, Michael J. Steckino Sr., Sabattus; great-grandparents, Jeannie Therrien, Dot Fitzgerald, Lisbon, John and Paula Steckino, Oxford, Joan and Maurice Turgeon, Sabattus, Ellen Hagget, Lisbon Falls.

Chase Layne Blue, a boy to Ashley and George Blue of Norway, Feb. 4. Sibling, Isaac; grandparents, John Twitchell, Oxford, Nancy Williams, Massachusetts, George and Tonya Blue, Alabama; great-grandparents, Joanne Twitchell, Norway, Peter and Susan Smith, Massachusetts.

Carley Rose Elwell, a girl to Robert and Tessie Elwell of Litchfield, Feb. 6. Sibling, Shelbey; grandparents, Kevin and Libby Gowell, Litchfield, Bob and Mary Elwell, Standish; great-grandparents, Dale and Norma Linton, Monmouth, Bob Sr. and Joan Elwell, Gorham.

John Richard Brewer, a boy to Dr. James and Melissa Brewer of Winthrop, Feb. 6. Grandparents, Richard and Terry Brewer, Greene, John and Wanda Chadbourne, Leeds, John and Wanda Chadbourne, Leeds; great-grandparents, Lorraine Chretien, Fayette, Donna and Peter Clark, Leeds, Germaine Desjardins, California, Wayne Sturtevant, Ohio.

Gabriella Lynne Bergeron, a girl to Lisa Langlais and Gaeten Bergeron of Lewiston, Feb. 7. Sibling, Gavin; grandparents, Susan and Paul Olson, Portland, John and Sharen Bergeron, Hebron, Tracy Leblanc, Lewiston, William Langlais, Westbrook; great-grandparents, Yvette and Gerald Rousseau, Lewiston, Rita and Lionel Potvin, Lewiston, Lorin and Elaine Burgess, George and Carmen Langlais.

Tucker Paul Jacobs, a boy to Tadd and Jennifer Jacobs of Lewiston, Feb. 7. Siblings, Mackenzie and Sophia; grandparents, Paul Lambert, Lewiston, John and Barbara McGill, Florida, Donny and Donna Jacobs, Greene.

Jonathan Alan Giles, a boy to Jessica and Christopher Giles of Litchfield, Feb. 7. Sibling, Thomas; grandparents, Rhonda and Craig Howard, Portland, Roy and Shirley Giles, South Portland; great-grandparents, Joanna Howard, Portland, Gloria and Richard Morrill, Yarmouth.

Callahan Lydia Roy, a girl to Brian and Taylor Roy of Minot, Feb. 10. Grandparents, Edwin and Sandra Warren, Wilton, Allan and Doris Roy, Wales.

Rileigh Lin Williams, a girl to Angelena Roaix and Jeremy Hilts of Lewiston, Feb. 11. Siblings, Garrett, Paul and Audriana; grandparents, Galen Hilts, Shawn Greeley, David Williams, Lewiston, Lisa St. Laurent, Lindy Williams, Lewiston; great-grandparents, Robert Hilts, Larry Williams Sr., Auburn, Lissett Caron, Sandra Williams, Donna Hilts, Auburn.

Wyatt Marvin Trimble, a boy to Chelsea and Matthew Trimble of Lewiston, Feb. 12. Siblings, Landon and Brayden; grandparents, Mark and Beverly Trimble, Lewiston, Dana and Teri Hinkle, Sabattus; great-grandparents, Ralph and Gloria Garnett, Lisbon, Marvin and Yvonne Trimble, Georgia.

Joseph E. Fisher IV, a boy to Desiree Fisher and Joseph E. Fisher III of Sabattus, Feb. 13. Sibling, Scarlett; grandparents, Joseph E. Fisher, Jr., Leeds, Patty Michaud, Auburn; great-grandparents, Dexter Averill, Westport Island, Sandra Averill, Sabattus.

Brent Adrian-Michael Sirois, a boy to Melanie and Kevin Sirois of Leeds, Feb. 14. Siblings, Michael, Dylan, Samara, Hayleigh and Kansas; grandparents, Adrian and Maria Marden, Leeds, Nancy and Peter Wagner, Wyman, Larry Sirois, Wyoming; great-grandparents, Gloria Sirois, Auburn, Edith Marden, Harpswell.

Harper Olivia Bilodeau, a girl to Danielle and Brian Bilodeau of Lewiston, Feb. 15. Grandparents, Antonio and Debra Ramon, Auburn, Elaine and Scott St. Pierre, Lewiston, Paul and Kathleen Bilodeau, Greene; great-grandparents, John and Pauline Parshall, Lewiston, Isabel Ramon, Florida, Lionel and Rita Morency, Lewiston, Roger and Joyce St. Pierre, Auburn, Dolores Bilodeau, Lewiston, Edward and Esther Rose, Greene.

Brantley D. Pomelow, a boy to Ashley Bowman of Lisbon, Feb. 19. Sibling, Dylan; grandparents, Stan and Sue Sampson, Turner, David Duquette, Eustis; great-grandparents, Noella Gauthier, Lewiston, Tom and Shirley Bowman, Florida.

Jaxson Daniel Gould, a boy to Amanda Gould of Lisbon Falls, Feb. 19. Siblings, Robert and Isabella; grandparents, Gayle and Donald Gould, Lisbon.

Connor Matthew Grondin, a boy to Stacey and Jeremy Grondin of Lewiston, Feb. 20. Grandparents, Barbara and Robert Baum, Auburn, Daniel and Cathy Grondin, Lewiston; great-grandparents, Ann Baum, Massachusetts, Chet and Barbara Williamson, Lewiston.

Addison Kimberly Field, a girl to Kelly and James Field Jr. of Lisbon Falls, Feb. 20. Sibling, Alivia; grandparents, Gerry and Elaine Lajoie, Sabattus, James and Brenda Field Sr., Lisbon Falls; great-grandparents, Laurent and Rejane Lajoie, Lewiston, Madelyn Huston and Carl Huston Sr., Lisbon Falls.

Isaak Martin St. Laurent, a boy to Stephanie and Jesse St. Laurent of Auburn, Feb. 21. Siblings, Eli and Alek; grandparents, Sandra Lizotte, Stephen and Elaine Roop, Auburn, Pamela and Denis St. Laurent, Auburn; great-grandparents, MaryJane and Marty Roop, Armand and Shirley Lizotte, Lisbon Falls, Yvonne Gallant, Dorothy Ritchie, Rolande St. Laurent, Auburn.

Richard Julian Lombard, a boy to Jamie Chapman and John Lombard of Lewiston, Feb. 22. Grandparents, Julie Lombard, Lewiston, Darlene Chapman, Lewiston.

Owen Andrew Black, a boy to Alyssa M. Cote and Caleb A. Black of Sabattus, Feb. 22. Grandparents, Jennifer Cote, Sabattus, Gary and Heidi Black, Sabattus; great-grandparents, Rebecca Cote, Auburn, Gilles and Linda Cote, Lewiston, George Black, York, Sandra Weston, New Hampshire, Eileen Black, New Hampshire.

Mid Coast Hospital

Avery Rachelle Mann, a girl to David Vernon and Elizabeth Amy (Williams) Mann of Windham, Feb. 3. Grandparents, James Williams and the late Rachelle Williams, Bath, N.H., Kathleen and Vernon Mann, Smithtown, N.Y.

Damon Andrew Kuchinski, a boy to Tara Lee Pottle and Kane Andrew Kuchinski of Bowdoin, Feb. 6. Sibling, Laila; grandparents, Teresa Pottle, Wiscasset, Jeffrey Pottle, Wiscasset, Kimberly and Jeffrey Kuchinski, Hartland.

Alexander David Hovey, a boy to Lee Ryan Ahearn and Amber Mae Hovey of Topsham, Feb. 12. Grandparents, David and Laurie Hovey, Topsham, David and Ann Ahearn, West Bath.

Noah James Owen Young, a boy to Whitney Brooke Wallace and Cameron James Young of Bath, Feb. 13. Sibling, Kyla; grandparents, Donald Wallace, Bath, Michelle Hlister, Sabattus, Catharine Miller, Woolwich, Douglas Young, Gardiner.

Beau Howard Parsons, a boy to Joshua James and Rebecca Ann Parsons of Augusta, Feb. 14. Siblings, Austin, Brady, Kyle and Henry.

Mason Scott St. Amand, a boy to Scott Roy and Brittany Lynn (Brown) St. Amand of Brunswick, Feb. 16. Sibling, Cody; grandparents, Kim Gervey, Brunswick, Cody Brown, Yakima, Wash., Scott St. Amand, Lewiston, Kathy St. Amand, Durham.

Fiona Grace Garrity, a girl to Brian Patrick and Katie Irene (Williams) Garrity of Topsham, Feb. 21. Grandparents, Ronald and Heidi Williams, Calais, Beth Walters, Lewiston, Timothy Garrity, Mount Desert Island.

Jazmin Rose Bradstreet, a girl to Natasha Lynn Sanchez (Palmer) and Travis Wayne Bradstreet of Pittston, Feb. 21. Siblings, David, Destiney and Rihanna; grandparents, Tiffeny Grondin, Pittston, Steven James, Pittston, Rodney and Juli Owen, Bowdoin, Roger Bradstreet, Topsham.

Violet Samantha Merrill, a girl to Travis Lee and Stephanie Rae (Vigneault) Merrill of Durham, Feb. 22. Grandparents, Wendy and Joseph Vigneault, Lebanon, Debra Murphy, Sabattus, Lenny Merrill, Durham; relative, Samantha Vigneault, North Berwick.

Aidan Gabriel Thurston, a boy to Michelle Lee (Taylor) and Christopher Lee Thurston of Topsham, Feb. 25. Siblings, Alicia, Griffin and Phoenix; grandparents, Kenneth and the late Vicky Taylor, Smithfield, Carlton Thurston, Durham, the late Charlene Crone, Freeport.

Aiden Thomas Carter, a boy to Crystal Ann (Duval) and Christopher Ryan Carter of Topsham, Feb. 25. Grandparents, Nate and Julie May, Brunswick.

Brycen Jamar Coleman, a boy to Sharri-Ann Lewis and Brandon Jamar Coleman of Bowdoinham, Feb. 27. Grandparents, Jessica Smith, Bowdoinham, Bobby-Joe Lewis, Turner, Barbara Coleman, Newport News, Va.; other family, Adrian Smith, Ajah Smith, Adriele Smith, Corey Lewis, Terry Safford, George Safford.

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