WILTON — A local man recently was ordered by Franklin County Superior Court to pay the town $9,500 and attorney fees for violating the  Building and Property Maintenance Ordinance.

The town took action against Duane Pollis, an Adams Street homeowner, in early October after numerous complaints about his cluttered yard, some dating back to 2009. Selectmen gave Pollis a few more days to clean up his yard or face a $100-a-day fine and court action.

Officials just learned that the court found in favor of the town, Town Manager Rhonda Irish said Friday. During their meeting Tuesday, the board will consider a final date for Pollis to clean the yard before the town does it, she said.

Pollis is “maintaining an unlawful, unlicensed junkyard and automobile graveyard on the premises and is in violation of the town’s property ordinance enacted last June,” according to the court document.

On Feb. 20, Pollis was ordered to pay a fine of $100 per day for the 95 days he has been in violation.

He was ordered to permanently cease operation of a junkyard and automobile graveyard on the premises and to remove all trash, debris, appliances, scrap lumber, metal and unregistered vehicles from the property within 30 days.


The cleanup is not possible now due to the snow. A date will need to be set for Pollis to complete the work, Irish said. A letter notifying him will be sent.

The court order also gives the town the right to clear the property at Pollis’ expense. The town can place a lien on the property if he doesn’t do it, she said.

The fine, attorney fees and court action are spelled out in one of the town’s newest ordinances. The Ordinance Committee and town officials endorsed the law in October to get property owners to clean up trash and junk from their yards for health and safety reasons.

Pollis was sent several letters prior to the decision. He did not contact the town or make an appeal to the board, prompting them to seek the court judgment.

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