Flash Tonic members, Deb Hensley, Matt Loosigian and Martin Swinger are accomplished Maine musicians with individual reputations that span many genres of music. With more than eight years together they have developed skills for what they joyfully refer to as “Vocal Bungee-Jumping.” They have studied improvisational singing with such luminaries as Bobby McFerrin, Rhiannon, Ysaye Barnwell, Moira Smiley and an extended family of singers and improvisers from around the globe.

Flash Tonic has been described as an enticing carnival of jazz and folk, world, Americana and original songs with daringly edgy sung and spoken-word improvisations. To balance the beautifully blended three-part harmonies of their “rehearsed” songs, Flash Tonic masterfully pulls the rug out from under themselves and the audience by performing totally out-of-the-box, unpredictably improvised movements of music inspired by bird songs, machinery and audience prompts which ultimately create a surprisingly rich and satisfying musical experience full of mirth, heart and soul.

The Emery Arts Center is at 111 South Street. Tickets are $10 per person.

For more information, visit www.kingfieldpops.com or facebook.com/kingfieldPOPS.

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