100 years ago, 1914
The new head of Lewiston’s telephone exchange is getting his feet placed. People of the city are becoming acquainted with him as he is with them. The process appears to be congenial on both sides. S.E. Austin, that’s the new man’s name, has a decidedly pleasing manner. He can smile just as cheerfully as ever Dave did and that is a great deal.

50 years ago, 1964
(Photo Caption) ANYBODY HERE SEEN KELLEY? Yes indeed someone has — eight handsome blue-eyed Kelley’s who send St. Patrick’s Day greetings to Lewiston Evening Journal readers. Reading clockwise are Michael, 7; Mary, 2; Linda, 5; proudly holding three-months-old John; Kathleen, 3; nine-year-old Patricia; Joseph, 1½; and Victor, 4. They are the children of Mr. and Mrs. Victor Kelley of 123 Howe Street, Lewiston, having moved here recently from Edgewater Park, N.J. While waiting for their new home to be readied they are residing with their maternal grandmother, Mrs. Patrick Clabby, 135 Summit Avenue, Lewiston.

25 years ago, 1989
Keep their table ready. Despite a boycott by two Auburn city councilors, the council Wednesday decided to continue its monthly breakfast briefings in area restaurants. Citizens too shy to pull up a chair, place their order and watch the council at work, well, “That’s their problem,” says Ward 1 Councilor David V. Gatchell. The controversy is not over eggs Benedict, croissants or three-minute eggs. The problem, says Ward 3 Councilor Joseph Deschenes and Ward 4 Councilor Alvin Gilbert, is that the restaurant meetings do little for public perception of how this city’s government operates. In fact, they think citizens believe the council usually makes its decisions at informal sessions before public meetings and does not take public opinion into account. So, Deschenes and Gilbert say they will breakfast solo and Mayor Harry W. Woodard Jr. says their constituents will be the losers.

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