I am not writing to complain about potholes. I am writing to voice my opinion about why the roads got in such sad shape in the first place.

I travel roads in Franklin, Kennebec and Androscoggin counties. The service garages in those counties can’t keep up with vehicle repairs because so many repairs are needed.

Many people have told me that they wouldn’t mind paying more in taxes if the highways could be kept a little safer.

Citizens don’t mind having repairs done on their vehicles, but with labor costs so high, and the high cost to buy vehicles, it is too much to afford.

Hopefully, someone out there will come up with an idea how to keep those repair dollars in our pockets. But the weather is very extreme in those three counties I mentioned. Any time I travel farther south, the roads are very well maintained.

Something has to be done soon. I run a small business and I can’t afford a new vehicle every year. We all need help now, not after we wait for a grant to come along.

Rod Judkins, Farmington

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