In response to Kalle Oakes’ story, “Lewiston’s hockey legacy not just back then” (March 17), I promise that the hockey tradition lives on in the L-A area. It is “happening here.”

The parents are still waking their sleepy teenagers to get to that 5 a.m. practice; leaving work just a little earlier to get to that 4:30 p.m. practice; taking a day off to attend a tournament; and turning their backyards into makeshift rinks. Hundreds of parents volunteer their time to organize the youth leagues, coach the kids and raise money to keep it all somewhat affordable.

The current generation continues the tradition of hockey on the backs of the founding fathers — the Fern Cloutiers, the Dick Cotes, the Bert Gagnons. We do what we must to find a sheet of ice so our children continue to have the opportunity to skate.

Area hockey enthusiasts do appreciate watching good hockey. The opportunity to see an NCAA national Division III championship is exciting. I am sure it will be great hockey and wonderful exposure for the community.

I am looking forward to it. Oh, wait, my son is in a hockey tournament that weekend, so I will be at another rink.

Stephanie Cote, Lewiston

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