This is in response to Gerry Grenier’s letter (March 13), “No chance for chickens.” Apparently, Grenier has never met a good chicken.

I think it is a wonderful idea to allow taxpaying homeowners to have chickens if they so desire. My first pet was a chicken. My mother chipped it out of winter ice after it fell off a truck on its way to chicken heaven. I loved that chicken.

By springtime, it would follow me to the mailbox each morning as I went to catch the bus for school, and it would sit on my shoulder when I walked home at night. I kept it in the house, in a pen with straw and a perch. It was my job to clean up after it.

“Chicky” never made it to autumn. I was devastated when it died.

Hens are quiet when they speak; it’s roosters that crow. Isn’t that the way with males, anyway? They have to make big noise.

Many cities have allowed chickens. I never contracted any disease from my chicken. Chicky would help me with my homework, sitting in my lap and being affectionate.

I’m sure there will be limits for having chickens — no fourth floor apartment-dwelling flocks, etc., and limits on how many.

Grenier should know that there is nothing like greeting the hens with food and water and collecting their gifts. They cluck their thanks and people get fresh eggs.

I hope the city allows it.

Randi Tolman, Lewiston

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