A couple of years ago a mama bear and her two cubs walked through a neighbor’s yard and were seen in the neighborhood for a few days. We all loved the opportunity to see them and used common sense in staying out of their way. They were never a problem and eventually moved on.

It is all too seldom that we get an opportunity to see many of these animals anymore.

Normal hunting should keep the population manageable, and I don’t think we need to resort to inhumane ways to reduce the population. I will vote for the bill being put forth by Mainers for Fair Bear Hunting. (I hunted extensively in my earlier days so I don’t want to be labeled as a bleeding-heart for animal rights.)

We are squeezing out our animal cohabitants quickly enough without resorting to unfair means to dispatch them.

Aren’t we smart enough to hunt without dogs or bait?

Marilyn Burgess, Leeds

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