ROXBURY — Update time in the in the eighth annual Rumford Falls Times’ Ice Out Contest and the ice on Roxbury Pond has not diminished since March 1.
As a matter of matter, Dennis Daniel of Ellis Pond Variety indicated, “I think it’s thicker. Someone went out there Saturday and said he drilled down 40 inches!”
Further, two weekends ago, Daniel said the pond actually made ice. “You could feel it, hear it…It’s going to warm up later this week, but next week is not going to be that much warmer than now.”
“It looks like the ocean, and the snow drifting looks like waves,” he noted.
As for the Times’ Ice Out Contest, just bring your canned good(s), non-perishable food item(s) or pet food along with your ice out entry (form provided on Pg. 2A of this paper) with the date and time you think the ice will go out of Roxbury Pond to the Times’ office at 69 Congress St. in Rumford.
Readers donated food items that went to the local food bank last year as well as pet food to McKennel’s Animal Shelter.
With the late season, we have decided to move out the deadline for entries from March 21 to April 11. A random drawing will determine the winner in the event that more than one correct guess is received.
The prize package from our sponsors includes a large one topping pizza from Mexico One Stop, an oil change and tire rotation from Dan’s Automotive, and a six-month subscription to the Rumford Falls Times.
Daniel also has his own ice out contest underway at his store in Roxbury, with each chance being for $1 to guess the date and time when the ice out occurs. Chances will be accepted there through March 31, with whoever is closest winning all the money collected in the pool.
Last year’s ice out winners were Theresa Thomas of Mexico and Odette Carrier of Roxbury, both with an ice out time of 1 p.m. on April 22. Ice out was 3:29 p.m. that day.
Records of the ice out at Roxbury Pond have been kept at least since 1978, noted Daniel. He said the average ice out has been between April 16-21. The earliest recorded ice out was on April 6 in 2006. The latest was May 8 in 1978.
Daniel noted that to alleviate any controversy that might arise from such a contest, they have a Game Warden involved to determine the actual ice out.

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