FARMINGTON — Franklin County commissioners voted Tuesday to waive a six-month probationary period for Jason Hamlin, who will move from maintenance at the jail to being a corrections officer.

A corrections officer will retire at the end of the month, leaving an open position.

Hamlin, of Wilton, is a certified corrections officer and has four years of experience, jail Manager Doug Blauvelt said.

Hamlin had worked for the county as a corrections officer prior to July 1, 2009, when the state changed the jail to a 72-hour holding facility under a consolidated county jail system. Hamlin was laid off at that time.

He went to work as a corrections officer at Somerset County Jail in Madison for a couple of years. He also worked part time at the Franklin County jail before being hired as a full-time corrections officer in 2012 and moving into a custodial position at the jail.

Blauvelt asked that the six-month probationary period be waived since Hamlin is not a new employee.

“He has been a loyal employee,” he said.

Hamlin’s hourly wage will increase from $13.33 an hour to $15.92.

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