PERU — The Board of Selectmen agreed after some discussion to put a request for bid proposals on the Web after they received only one bid for revaluation.

Board Chairman Jim Pulsifer said they always advertised in the papers, and people should have sent bids in if they wanted the job. They could also call the town office.

Larry Snowman told the board that there was a special website that assessors could access and find jobs.

Pulsifer countered that they had always gone through proper channels.

“Things are changing,” Selectman Danny Wing said. “I motion to try one more time to get bids on the website.” He then motioned to table the issue until next week when they could get more information.

Pulsifer seemed upset that the board would bring up the website issue without having the name of the site or any other information.


The vote was 3 to 1 to table. Pulsifer abstained.

They did not open the one bid which was from their present assessor, Parker/Fraiser.

“Last week, we agreed not to proceed with Tim Holland, over the recreational committee’s missing funds,” Pulsifer said. “The board finally agreed to go to the Attorney General with a list of concerns. That list will be formulated tomorrow in a workshop of the board. The Peruvians think there is money unaccounted for that should be paid back to the town.”

After listening to the Peruvians for Honest Government for about 15 minutes, Pulsifer said, “It’s hard when you have to confront the anger from this group. Other groups manage without anger.”

“We’re angry for a reason,” Larry Porter said. “Straighten this out, and we’ll be happy.”

“We need to get this out of the way so we can go on,” Selectman Lee Merrill said.

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