100 years ago, 1914
Deputy Davis, the patrol driver, and station men at the Lewiston police headquarters thought the weather or politics had got into the signal system or some one had a key and was after the official police goat Thursday night and Friday morning. The gong clamored and Officer Murray read the symbols that told him the patrolman at Main and Lincoln streets wanted the wagon. Coats flew, the official horse was out into harness, and with Deputy Davis on the seat the patrol sped on its way. At the signal box no one waited with a culprit. Later it became known that the officer had sent in what he thought was the “duty call” and then proceeded to go about his business. Thursday morning, with the bona fide calls and those of a mistaken identity, the horse was kept in a lather and for two hours the harness was not removed.

50 years ago, 1964
Sen. Edmund S. Muskie, in Lewiston today for the opening of Montello Manor, commented in a brief ceremony that it “is reassuring to see such an enterprise provided for by the good sense of private enterprise.” He was present, along with state and local officials for the opening of this modern nursing and convalescent care center located at Montello and College Streets in Lewiston. The nursing care center, adding 72 beds to Maine’s presently low number of adequate care units, has been warmly welcomed by government and local hospital officials as a necessary adjunct to the community.

25 years ago, 1989
In conjunction with this week’s celebration of the Week of the Young Child, St. Joseph Child Care Center in Auburn is observing its 40th anniversary. The Sisters of St. Joseph were pioneers in child care in the L-A area some 40 years ago when Sister Rose Amanda (Irene Pelletier), fresh from her experience in a European child care center, gathered 12 children around her and became the first director of St. Joseph Kindergarten, then located at 277 Minot Ave.

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