I disagree with Elliott Epstein’s opinion (March 16) that wind power is “free.” There is a price to be paid by the destruction of Maine’s mountains. It may not be visible to the average user of electricity, but it is real.

The hidden cost is the destruction of the Maine mountains, the loss of wildlife habitat, the reduction of water quality and the loss of the scenic value of Maine’s mountains. Wind energy may be renewable, but the mountains are not.

The construction of wind turbines on the tops of the mountains requires a turnpike-size road winding up to the top; blasting huge holes in the ledge that are filled with concrete and rebar; a road along the top connecting the towers; and a power line connecting the turbines with the power grid.

That is heavy industrial construction on the most fragile sites in Maine.

If the public could fly over the existing wind farms in Maine at low altitude, they would see the big picture and realize what a disaster wind power is to Maine. Just riding the highways and looking up at the turbines does not show the real picture of how destructive wind power is to Maine.

We need to protect our mountains, which are one of the state’s most valuable natural resources.

Fred Huntress Jr., Poland Spring

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