I find it strange that the party of class warfare here in Maine has a Democratic Senate president, who grew up in a privileged environment, criticizing a Republican governor, who has been supporting himself since he was 12 years old.

Many people slam Paul LePage for being “rough around the edges,” but I say every rough edge has been earned. Gov. LePage grew up on the streets of Lewiston, surviving and prospering by his own wits, grit and determination.

Does anyone else see the irony that Justin Alfond, formed by a Massachusetts prep school that costs more than most Mainers earn in a year, claiming that he (Alfond) represents working people?

I strongly support the re-election of the current hardworking governor, LePage, because he “gets real life,” and he has tried to make common sense changes to welfare, but has been thwarted by the Democrats.

George Colby, New Gloucester

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