Crabgrass Puppet Theatre’s  imaginative “The Pirate, the Princess and the Pea,” will be staged at 2 p.m.,  Sunday, May 18, at the Public Theatre, 31 Maple St., Lewiston.

This story will thrill children of all ages as we set off on an amazing voyage chock full of sea monsters, surprises and side-splitting excitement.

Meet the pirate: “A pirate’s life isn’t all ‘yo-ho-ho and a bottle of grog, it’s hard work.” And the princess: “The palace is all tuffets and tea parties, I’m ready for some adventure!”

The Princess finds a treasure map. The Pirate wants the treasure map. As they race to find the treasure they run into big trouble like escaping from sea monsters and falling overboard.  Though the Princess manages to stay one step ahead of the Pirate, can she get him out of the way long enough to dive for the treasure? And when suddenly she’s is in danger from a giant octopus, they quickly forget their differences and discover the benefits of cooperation. Inspired by their success, the Pirate and his new Princess friend sail off together in search of new adventures.

Family friendly ticket prices are $5 for children (anyone 18 and under) and $10 for adults. For tickets call The Public Theatre at 782-3200 or visit for more information.

Teachers and home-schoolers are urged  to ask about special student matinees May 19, 20 21.


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