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Do you favor consolidating the Twin Cities?


Why? What are your objections?

July 10, 2006, letter to the editor of Lewiston Sun Journal. Should have been done prior to 2008-09. How people could not see it coming is beyond me!

For the reasons I say no, go to and look for the tag “CONSOLIDATION L /A”


The area Chamber of Commerce is pushing the idea and that makes me skeptical. That Mr. Chip Morrison, head of the organization, will and collector of the signatures required to get the ballot of both cities is attempting to transfer business taxes to the public domain taxes side of the street.

Also, I believe voters of both cities should have voted if they even want to consolidate prior to the joint cities’ charter preparation. It could end up as a waste of time for the both cities’ employees and six other elected Charter Commission persons.

What would it take to convince you to change your opinion?

As class president (1973) and graduate of Edward Little High School, it is my feeling that I would represent both Lewiston and Auburn in making sure both interests are safeguarded. At the end of the thorough process, I will make an opinion to share with the public.

What is the single most important question for the Charter Commission to settle?

Will it shift taxes to the public property taxpayers on an even playing field or to business advantage?


If the cities are combined, where should the city offices be located and why?

To be determined as we progress and have more input into the question of consolidation.

Where should the main police station be located and why?

In vacant school superintendent building and substations, splitting the police force and rotating the police officers’ time on patrol in the inner cities and relieving the officers’ inner-city personal tension.

Charter commission guide

Auburn candidates

Voters will select three candidates


Voters will select three candidates

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