NEWRY — Selectmen will hold a meeting and workshop at 5 p.m. Tuesday, May 13, at the Bear River Grange Hall instead of the Town Office.

Administrator Loretta Powers said Friday that the board wanted to examine the heating system in the grange hall to possibly change or replace it.

The board will discuss the administrator’s job description, and bids on summer roads and tree trimming. The board is also scheduled to sign appointment papers.

“They are looking to review my job description, and some would like to change it, which would be changing the form of government, and that would have to go to a town vote,” Powers said.

The summer roads project went to bid, but only one company responded.

“It was more than we had hoped, so they are going to discuss what to do now,” she said. “The tree-trimming bids came in last week, and they all had copies to review, so, hopefully, they will pick one.”

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