Michael Beaulieu

Email address

Occupation or primary source of income

Retired teacher, state representative



Bachelor of Science degree in American history and government, and a master’s degree in education

Family information

Married to Paula Ann (Moreau) Beaulieu, 48 years. Two adult children and three grandchildren.

Public offices sought or held

Currently serving in the Maine House of Representatives. Serving on two joint standing committees, Judiciary, and Veterans and Legal Affairs. Seeking a position on the Lewiston-Auburn Charter Commission.


Do you favor consolidating the Twin Cities?


Why? What is the benefit?

The communities of Lewiston and Auburn have a great deal in common and share a similar history and geographic setting. Presently there exists areas where cooperation does occur and certain advantages are achieved as a result of working together. Given this scenario, it seems reasonable to infer that greater opportunities for our communities would materialize if this cooperation were to expand to include a single government entity.

What would convince you to change your opinion?

Any consolidation plan should aim to achieve specific expectations. Certainly saving money and reducing property taxes should be a part of this goal. In addition, an improved yet smooth and uninterrupted delivery of services to our citizens should constitute another. Finally, our influence and relationship with neighboring towns and cities, as well as with the state, should expand our opportunities as a community. If we were not able to achieve these goals, both the objectives and the process would need to be reassessed.


What is the single most important question for the Charter Commission to settle?

Although a relatively simple step, how the commission is organized and managed from a procedural standpoint would be integral to the entire process. Dealing with these concerns at the very earliest stages will be extraordinarily important to the major discussions, decisions and solutions sought by commission members.

If the cities are combined, where should the city offices be located and why?

Locking in on any location for the city offices and the Police Station at this time would be premature at best. There are many factors which must be considered when dealing with either of these questions, yet before making any assumptions, the commission would have to analyze a great deal of information pertaining to a variety of factors. Any decision will necessitate the evaluation of population density, access to transportation, crime statistics, available land and buildings, etc. These are interesting questions, and any answer will require some “heavy lifting” by commission members.

Where should the main Police Station be located and why?

See above.

Charter commission guide

Auburn candidates

Voters will select three candidates


Voters will select three candidates

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