DEAR SUN SPOTS: There used to be a place in downtown Lewiston where bikers could bring their bicycles to work on them and get free advice on how to maintain them. I believe this was a nonprofit organization. I wonder if they are still active? — Normand Berube, [email protected]

ANSWER: Sun Spots followed a trail through the newsroom that finally led to the name Spoke Folks and then cycler and movie-maker Craig Saddlemire of Round Point Movies. Craig wrote that:

“Spoke Folks has merged with Lots to Gardens and primarily repairs and maintains 20 bikes that are loaned out to Lots to Gardens staff and youth gardeners. Staff and youth are trained in basic bike maintenance and bike safety.”

There are several commercial bike shops in the region:

* Busytown Bikes, 996 Sabattus St., Lewiston, 207-241-3233,

* Chase Cyclery, 133 North Main St., Andover, 207-392-3732

* Rainbow Bikes, 97 Lisbon St., Lewiston, 207-784-7576,

* Roy’s Bicycle Shop, 51 Farwell St., Lewiston, 207-783-9090,

If there are any other shops or places that help amateurs work on their bikes, please let Sun Spots know.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Some keys and prescription glasses were found in Artios Books on 180 Turner St. in Auburn. Please call 786-4007 if they are yours.

We would like to thank Sun Spots for the many times we have been able to help the public through you in the location of books. We would like to be put back on your Rolodex. We do have antiquarian books, about 15,000 of them. — Tracy via email

ANSWER: Wikipedia says that for a book to be antiquarian it would need to have been published in the 19th century (before 1900) or earlier. Also, antiquarian books are not just old but usually rare and valuable. 

If you really have that many 100-plus-year-old books, you should be able to retire in fine style!

Artios is indeed included in Sun Spots’ Rolodex under “used books.”

DEAR SUN SPOTS: We are seeking crafters for our Dec. 6 craft fair at Calvary Baptist Church gymnasium on Route 4 in Turner. It will be from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The fee is $30 without electricity or $35 with electricity plus a craft donation for our silent auction to benefit our 2015 senior class. Tables are available on a first-come, first-served basis. — Sarah Berry, [email protected], 207-576-8632

ANSWER: Sun Spots is always impressed by those who plan ahead!

DEAR SUNSPOTS, I read your column daily and am amazed to see responses from so many areas of the country. For this reason I am making a reunion request. It is not a local reunion; however, I am asking because you do have such a widespread readership. I am hoping that someone may see my request and know someone who can put us in touch with classmates.

The Class of 1963 from Tewksbury Memorial High School, Tewksbury, Mass., will be holding its 51st reunion on Sept. 13 at the Radisson Hotel in Chelmsford, Mass.

We are missing many class members. There is a reunion page on for anyone seeking more details.

Classmates are encouraged to contact Russ Carey at [email protected], Mike Hopkins at [email protected] or me. Thank you. — Alice Gray DiPaolo, Wales, [email protected], 207-373-8382

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