RUMFORD — Selectman Jolene Lovejoy was told at Thursday night’s board meeting that she must remove her re-election signs because they are larger than the town ordinance allows.

The Political and Yard Sale Signs and Advertisement Banners Ordinance states that all signs shall not exceed 500 square inches.

Selectman candidate Candice Casey brought the matter to the board’s attention, but Town Manager John Madigan and Selectman Chairman Greg Buccina said they were already aware of the issue.

“There are a few out there that are larger than the required size and there is a justifiable reason,” Madigan said. “Her signs are in full compliance with the last time she ran.”

He said the last time Lovejoy campaigned was in 2011. Her large signs were in compliance then. However, at the 2011 town meeting in June, the size was changed from 24 square feet, which Madigan said is roughly 3 feet by 8 feet, to 500 square inches, which is roughly 25 inches by 20 inches long.

“So she’s been notified and will remove the signs,” he said.


Madigan said that when he first learned of the issue, he told Lovejoy to delay removing the signs while he looked into the matter.

“The other issue you were concerned about is that one of the town employees is putting up some signs saying support police and fire,” Madigan told Casey.

Casey interrupted him, saying the ordinance prohibits that.

Madigan disagreed. He said the ordinance only pertains to political candidate signs.

“The allegation I heard was that a town policeman was putting up signs to support public safety,” he said.

But the only section covering political signs under the Police and Fire Departments Ordinance, is Section 10, Political Activity. That was amended on June 9, 2009.


Madigan read the section, which states: “No member of either department, regular or special, including the chief, acting in an official capacity or in association with any official capacity, as an individual or in concert with others, shall participate, direct or indirectly, in any act or program designed to, or tending to influence the election of any town official or to influence the appointment of any person.”

“So it only deals with a campaign for elected officials or an appointed position,” Madigan said. “It has nothing to do with a general question like ‘Support Public Safety.'”

Casey said she was trying to direct his attention to Chapter 40, Section 1. That states: “No political signs shall be posted on the Island or near the Information Booth. Signs must not impair the view of the Rumford Falls from any location. They will not be allowed on town owned property.”

She said the issue she was raising is that political signs aren’t allowed on town property.

Casey said the police officer is posting his signs on town property.

Madigan disagreed again.


“What you may be considering as town property is the right of way of roads,” he said. “That’s all covered and allowed under state law.”

Casey said she was referring to land along the walls of Strathglass Park.

“If they’re on the road, that’s considered road right of way,” Madigan reiterated.

On Friday, the sign by the Strathglass Park wall and another on Falmouth Street that was being questioned Thursday night were relocated.

In other business, selectmen unanimously approved:

* A bid of $11,050 from Fire & Safety for air pack bottles that have a life span of 15 years and were up for replacement, fire Chief Bob Chase said. Money is in the department’s capital account to fund the purchase.


* Hawker’s and peddler’s licenses for Carl Touchette, doing business as Silver Platter, a food truck, and Dana Levasseur, doing business as Mr. and Mrs. Sausage. The board also approved a parking permit for Levasseur for May 22-25, June 26-29 and Oct. 9-12. According to the licenses, they can only be at the Information Center.

* A parade permit for the American Legion for Memorial Day.

* A special board meeting at 6 p.m. Thursday, May 22, in the town manager’s office to approve the warrant and notice of election calling RSU 10’s budget validation referendum.

* Appointing Mexico Code Enforcement Officer David Errington as interim Rumford code enforcement officer for Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at an hourly rate with mileage reimbursement, but no benefits.

* Executing quitclaim deeds for 103 South Rumford Road to Christopher and Tonia DeSalle, and 411 Cumberland St. to Don Hamann.

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