I applaud Larry Pelletier for his comments about Dan Herrick in a letter to the editor (May 16).

The issue has been Herrick’s position that while he was on the Auburn City Council, he always picked on the Fire Department for allowing firefighters to use the fire engines to shop at the local supermarket while on duty, as if they were not ready to go to fires.

Herrick should stop complaining and make suggestions on how else they could get supplies while on duty.

As for the response to a 911 call — did he really have an issue when he called for help?

I have had numerous calls to 911 and the Fire Department always was first to arrive, even though I called for only an ambulance.

Most of the firemen have EMT qualification, so why should they not be permitted to transport patients? The only downfall that I can see is the collection of the bills of those who insist on not paying their bills.

Perhaps Fire Department personnel could transport patients on an experimental basis — a three-year trial, if that is possible. Rent some ambulances for that time and see if it would be beneficial.

Francois Bussiere, Auburn

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