It is sad that we must face the dangers of sending our children to school, regardless of the evolution of violence that could strike at any moment by someone who may have been bullied and looking for revenge by inflicting deadly force against innocent students and teachers. That is more reason for parents to home-school their children.

I am convinced the past and present attacks in high schools and colleges prove the existence of an evolution of premeditated killings. We must continue to work in conjunction with law enforcement to prevent such atrocious acts of violence by screening students believed to have been bullied, mentally abused, or who are living in a home environment under adverse conditions.

I also believe that the evolution of violence exists in professional sports, so owners should begin screening players and conducting full background checks before signing players to multi-million dollar contracts.

I have read about domestic violence involving professional athletes, including murder convictions. Team owners and coaches have a problem replacing those players; however, in order to maintain high standards of morality in professional sports, it is important that the owners make profiling mandatory.

Professional athletes who have multi-million dollar contracts may think they are above the law, but those who commit hideous crimes should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Robert Lacombe, Lewiston

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