Dear Chamber members,

What a winter! It seemed at times that it would last forever … but here we are on the verge of Memorial Day weekend and the summer season , which means a rise in the number of visitors to our beautiful region.

In preparation for the many visitors who we will interact with at our stores, restaurants and lodging facilities this summer, I urge business owners and managers to take advantage of a FREE employee training program called “Welcome ME.” This training is all about how we, as locals, can provide visitors with an exceptional experience. Good customer service creates satisfied visitors who want to stay longer, spend more, and return to our communities. This training is convenient, brief, and engaging. Employees will become “Welcome ME Certified” and can print a certificate of completion! The training is done completely online and takes only 1-1.5 hours to complete.

To learn more visit or stop in to the Franklin County Chamber of Commerce and we will provide you with enough Welcome ME brochures to hand out to your staff. For more information, give us a call at the Chamber today! 207-778-4215.

(excerpt from Welcome ME Website)

Tourism is Maine’s largest industry. The impact of tourism is seen in every part of our state, from our rural areas to our cities, from small family-owned businesses to large resort properties, stretching from the North Maine Woods to our sensational coastal and beach areas.

Maine’s tourism businesses support jobs for Mainers and the Maine way of life.  Success of businesses in delivering a unique and high quality experience depends on employees deliveringWelcome ME service to guests.

That’s where YOU come in. Taking Welcome ME customer service training helps your employer, and it helps you learn life-skills that will benefit you in many ways.  YOU are Maine to our visitors – who come back again and again – and recommend us to their family and friends.”

Have a wonderful Summer!

Erin Arthers

Executive Director

Franklin County Chamber of Commerce

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