LIVERMORE FALLS — Selectmen voted Tuesday to make the intersection at Campground, Haines Corner and Bamford roads a four-way stop.

Vehicles on Campground Road have the right of way, and there are stop signs on Haines Corner and Bamford roads.

Town Manager Kristal Flagg told selectmen that concerns have been raised about safety at the intersection, which is next to Camp Good News of Maine, a Christian camp for children. She said there was a request to make it a four-way stop.

“It is a very dangerous intersection,” said Tom Randall, who lives on Haines Corner Road. “I have had many close calls there.”

Since the Campground Road has been fixed, vehicles are going faster and making it difficult to cross the road, he said.

“There have been a lot of near misses,” Randall said. The intersection would be safer with a four-way stop, he said.


“I think it will be a step in the right direction. I think it would save many lives,” he said.

Selectperson James Collin said thew intersection sounds like an accident waiting to happen.

The campground officials have never complained, Randall said. But he is around there a lot and knows it is dangerous with a lot of children at the camp.

Flagg said she, police Chief Ernest Steward Jr. and Public Works foreman Bill Nichols have reviewed the intersection.

Nichols said he has two stop signs and will get some new traffic signs, including new four-way intersection signs. He will also get “stop ahead” signs and see if he can borrow a “stop ahead” stencil for the roads. He believes the signs will be installed in about two weeks.

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