On June 10, people will be going to the polls to vote on various matters —  school budgets, primary candidates, local issues. Do people really know what they are voting for?

At school district budget meetings less than 70 people attend, and they are representing three towns. Where is everyone else? Do they not care?

Representatives come knocking at doors. Do people listen to what they say? Do people read what candidates hand out? Or do people just vote because there’s an “R” or “D” associated with the name?

How many people have ever sat down and spoken with their governor, senator or representative? Those people work for the public. How can people vote if they do not even know who they are hiring? Business owners would surely want to interview those they hire.

Have our schools failed in teaching the importance of civic duties? Or do the people no longer care?

Are people willing to give away their freedom? It seems so.

This country is in great trouble, and most people do not even know or care. When people do not vote, they give power to those who do.

Evil steps in when the good do nothing.

Bernice Fraser, Minot

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