On June 10, Buckfield voters will have the opportunity to end the attempt to withdraw from RSU 10. The members of the Withdrawal Committee have two plans for Buckfield students after withdrawal.

One would tuition all students to other districts. Grades 7-12 would be bused to area schools and K-6 would stay at Hartford-Sumner and tuition would be payed to RSU 10.

The second plan would tuition the high school and move Buckfield students K-6 to the present high school building to join the middle school.

The original withdrawal plan was presented as an effort to increase the quality of education and local control. When students are tuitioned, there is no local control. Taxpayers have no say in a student’s education. As to any improvement in quality, both high schools being considered have the same rating as the present high school.

The efforts of the Withdrawal Committee have produced no possibilities of either increased quality or control; instead have provided a forum which the original petitioner has used to continue negative grumbles.

A “yes” vote on the question will allow Buckfield, Hartford and Sumner students and parents to plan ahead, ending their uncertainty about the future. A “yes” vote would also protect other things that Buckfield residents value. Those include having their own schools, where staff come in early and stay late, an impressive drama and music program, strong agricultural programs, small sports teams where everyone can participate, a rocket program and many other innovative ideas.

I will be voting “yes.”

Sandra Perkins, Buckfield

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