The Old Town Water District is continuing its pipe replacement program with two separate construction projects for this summer. Both projects should begin during the month of July, according to District Superintendent Frank Kearney Sr.

One project is in Old Town on High Street totaling 1,000 feet. The other is in Bradley beginning approximately one mile south of the Bradley Town Office on Rte.178 and will replace approximately 1,700 feet of line. Kearney says both areas are currently served by water mains known to be 80 years old or older.

“High Street has low flow characteristics which indicate the pipe is either clogged with corrosion, or undersized in some sections. We can’t tell until we dig it up,” said kearney. “The single hydrant has a flow which is not acceptable for a severe structure fire. We believe the pipe on High Street is some of the oldest in the downtown area and could be well over 100 years old.”

Both projects are nearing the competitive bid phase and the designs are finished. Kearney said he plans to review the work with homeowners in the construction areas to answer any questions they may have. The district will make every attempt to continue water service to each home or business without interruption. If a shut-down is needed, advance notification will be given. Kearney asks for patience during the 3-5 week construction period in each area.

The High Street project has been designed by A.E. Hodsdon Engineering in Waterville and is being funded by the Maine State Revolving Loan Fund for water infrastructure projects through the Maine Municipal Bond Bank.

The Bradley Rte.178 project has been designed by James Sewall Co. in Old Town and is being funded from Old Town Water District reserves. If you have questions please call 827-3970 to speak with Kearney.

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