JAY — Selectpersons voted Monday to have Reliance Equipment of Vassalboro rebuild both lift cylinders on the ladder of the 1997 E-One ladder truck and to do a ladder test and replace the oil and filter, if needed.

The cost is estimated at $3,290, without changing the oil or filter.

The two large cylinders that lift the ladder are leaking a lot of fluid, acting fire Chief Mike Booker told the board prior to the vote.

Booker presented selectpersons with three estimates for the work. Reliance was the cheapest, he said.

The repair work was estimated at $1,890 and the ladder test at $1,400.

Board Vice Chairman Justin Merrill, a former firefighter, suggested the work also include replacing the filter and fluid in case some metal shavings or anything else got into the oil.


Other estimates were from Northeast Emergency Apparatus of Auburn for $3,755.80 and Greenwood of Brunswick estimated between $5,500 and $7,500. It would depend on the extent of the internal damage in the cylinders and if there were any issues with the removal/reinstallation process.

The money will come from the Fire Rescue Department’s capital account.

In other business, voters approved amending the town’s administrative ordinance by adding in a section related to abatements. It had been removed in 2007.

The town will pay, to a taxpayer who pays an amount in excess of that finally assessed, the amount of the overpayment plus interest from the date of overpayment at a rate of 4 less than the percent interest established by the town for delinquent taxes.

The current interest rate for delinquent taxes is 7 percent interest, making the amount of interest on overpayment of taxes 3 percent.

In another matter, Merrill, who is on the Street Light Committee, updated fellow members of the board about posting street lights to be potentially removed. About 135 have had posters placed on them. There are also eight or 10 lights that the committee would like to relocate to better suit the needs of an intersection or where a trail meets an intersection, he said.


People with concerns are asked to fill out a form available at the Town Office. They also are asked to attend the committee’s meeting at 6 p.m. Thursday, June 26, at the Town Office to discuss those concerns.

A Central Maine Power Co. representative will be at the meeting.

“We (have) a few (lights) we were paying for that we can’t find,” Merrill said.

CMP also came across some lights that they don’t know who is paying for, he said.

Selectperson Pearl Cook, also a member of the committee, thanked acting police Chief Richard Caton IV and Town Manager Shiloh LaFreniere for their work with the committee. The two posted the 135 or so lights throughout the town with pink paper taped on to the pole with teal-colored tape.

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