HARTFORD — The Board of Selectmen voted Thursday night to rescind its June 19 vote not to seek bids for projects on Guerney Hill Road and Church Street.

They also voted to have Road Commissioner Jeremy Johnson go ahead with the Guerney Hill Road job and submit a report of what has been done to date, the cost so far and an estimate to finish it.

Besides what has already been spent, $40,000 to $50,000 more is likely needed, officials said.

The road projects have created tension between the board and the Road Committee, which was established to develop a project list and prioritize the work.

At Thursday’s meeting, committee members questioned the board’s decision not to require a bid for Guerney Hill Road and Church Street work.

Town policy requires bids for spending more than $5,000.

Work on Guerney Hill has begun and equipment was rented and ready to start next week.

Road Committee members told selectmen to let the elected road commissioner do the work.

“That’s why you have a road commissioner,” committee member Bim McNeil said.

Selectmen Chairwoman Lee Holman said she contacted Richard Flewelling of the Maine Municipal Association about the legality of the Road Committee appointments and their terms of office. The one-year appointments conflicted with town ordinance.

She said Flewelling suggested the board ask for their resignations and then reappoint them.

Holman asked for the resignations Thursday. Selectmen then reappointed Leslie Boness for two years, Daniel Maddox for four years, Harley Swanson for five years, Bim McNeil for two years, Larry Langer for three years and Jack Plumley as an alternate.

Before the meeting, the board held a hearing on amendments to the General Assistance ordinance and at their meeting adopted them.

The following permits issued by Code Enforcement Officer Bill Kennedy were presented for board review:

* Jeffery Martin to replace a mobile home on Town Farm Road

* Ephram Chflun to make dugouts for two ball fields and a roof for parking bicycles on Beak Road.

Morrill Nason questioned the $25 permit fee for removing dead trees in shoreland zoning. The ordinance was read and the fee stands.

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