Currently in Wilton, there is no control of fireworks use in zones outside the ordinance established for the Main Street residential zone. In all other zones, an abutting property owner can set fireworks off right next to a property line, with no setbacks from abutting property owners’ buildings, animals, livestock or people .

Another grave concern is fireworks use on Pease Pond in Wilton. This pond is used by loons to raise chicks in the summer. There are also bald eagles sighted there. The area is wetlands protection zoned. It is wrong to allow indiscriminate fireworks use, with extreme noise decibels and explosive force, so close to wildlife that have chicks, such as the loons or eagles, in DEP-protected zoning.

The noise disturbance caused by the fireworks use with no setbacks and current hours from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. (extended to midnight on the July 4 and New Year’s Day) harms abutting property owners’ use and enjoyment of their property, and damages rental or sale appeal.

Wilton should open this topic up for discussion among residents again and consider developing an ordinance for the whole town and all zones.

Residents of Wilton should consider carefully their use of fireworks and the effects they may be having on their neighbors and wildlife.

I have heard from residents who are disturbed by the fireworks but who are afraid to complain for fear of reprisals.

Elizabeth Kelley, Wilton

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