RUMFORD — The Rumford Library will host the owner of a Lisbon Falls insect museum on Wednesday, Librarian Susan Marshall said Monday afternoon.

Jim Nutting, owner of the Butterfly and Insect Museum, will be at the library at 2 p.m. July 9 as part of the summer reading program.

“We invite Jim to our library once every other year or so,” Marshall said. “Whenever he visits, he lets the kids hold and handle the live bugs. The kids love him. He hasn’t seemed to scare the kids too much with the bugs he brings. For the kids, the grosser the bug, the better.”

Among the insects Nutting will feature are stick bugs, Madagascar hissing cockroaches and tarantulas, which Marshall said are the “more popular bugs.”

“The kids don’t seem to mind letting the tarantulas crawl all over their hands,” Marshall said with a laugh. “I wouldn’t let them do that, but the kids seem to eat it up.”

For more information, call the Rumford Library at 364-3661.

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