I was born and raised in Lewiston and I love this town, I can’t even imagine living elsewhere. But am I proud of Lewiston? Definitely not.


Because, people who want to purchase upscale apparel, shoes, etc.,  have to go to Auburn, Portland or Augusta.

Lewiston is becoming the city of discount stores. Money spent at those stores is supporting China and other countries.

I was quite upset when I heard eight more “dollar” stores were coming to the surrounding areas, especially two, side-by-side on Sabattus Street.

What’s up Lewiston? Doesn’t the city want real money coming in?

The corner of Sabattus Street and East Avenue has been a big eyesore for many years. A Renys, Walgreens or a Target store would be nice there, where not every single thing is made in foreign countries.

When family visits from California, we go to Portland or Freeport. I am ashamed to tell them there’s nothing in Lewiston.

This is not Vacationland — it’s bargain land.

How I miss the old Lisbon Street with so many beautiful stores — Peck’s, Wards, Reed & Hughes, DeOrsey’s, Woolworth (with it’s great lunch counter), Lewiston Hardware, etc., too many to mention.

Back then, we would spend our money downtown and not have to use extra gas. Christmas was extra special on Lisbon Street.

Changes have not been good for the city.

Wake up, Lewiston — many other cities are growing and yet, every year, Lewiston is getting worse.

Claire Baker, Lewiston

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