100 years ago, 1914
Attendance at the Webster playground, Auburn, is holding close to 150 all the time. The basket-ball equipment this season lacked a ball and the nets. Were the boys going to give up the game just for this? Well, hardly! They set out themselves and from the big-hearted business men, quickly solicited the five dollars, the amount required to purchase the ball and nets. Twelve girls started in the basket class, Wednesday afternoon, this being under the instruction of Mrs. H.R. Porter, who is chairman of the Literary Union playground department in Auburn. Several people have contributed pails and spoons for the sand gardens Bean bags, too, are much needed on all three grounds.

50 years ago, 1964
Someone has lost a large sum of money and will have to appear at Lewiston police headquarters to lay claim to it. A 12-year-old Lewiston girl, Geraldine Lauze of 36 Ash St., found the money in the downtown section of the city. She turned it over to Neil Lamey of 23 White St., Lewiston, a city park supervisor. The money was taken to headquarters by Lamey. It is now in the possession of Det. Capt. Laurier Morin, who is waiting for someone to come in and claim it.

25 years ago, 1989
Of all the flowers available to gardeners today, Eddie Michaud chose the rose. He selected roses for his garden because they bloom from early summer to beyond the first frost. Using his own money, and a $100 donation from the Auburn Towne House residents, Michaud has purchased more than $500 worth of roses throughout the last three years to create a small garden behind the building. He has selected climbing roses that will someday pretty much obscure the chain link fence next to where they grow. The embankment leading to the rose garden behind the Towne House, where Michaud lives, is steep enough to make mowing a difficult chore. Frances Pelley and some of the other residents have planted a small garden of annuals along one section and Michaud has scattered wildflower seeds nearby “so we won’t have to mow it more than once a year,” he said. “They will be pretty,” he said, “even after I’ve gone, as long as someone keeps them up.”

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