This is in response to the letter by Norman Smith (July 12) that responded to my letter of June 9.

The Supreme Court has come out with two rulings that put the liberal president in his place. One centered on his illegal appointments that bypassed Congress. The other concerned forcing religious organizations to go against their principles with regard to certain forms of contraception. Both rulings were a result of a direct violation of the Constitution. I call that trampling on the Bill of Rights and total disregard for the Constitution by President Obama.

Smith questioned if conservatives were outraged by actions of former President George W. Bush. I was outraged many times by President Bush but I was never called a racist or a terrorist for disagreeing with him or his policies, terms liberals seem to like to use against anyone who disagrees with them.

Smith ends his letter with an assumption that, in their day, the Founding Fathers were considered liberals. I hardly think the Founding Fathers were liberals. They were all religious men who believed the government was run by the people, not (as the liberals would have it) a people run by the government.

“The Constitution is not an instrument of the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument of the people to restrain the government — lest it come to dominate our lives and interests.” — Patrick Henry

Mary Jane Newell, Oxford

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