LIVERMORE FALLS — A 13-year-old local boy has been released into his parents’ custody after police say he shot BBs at a windshield in a car and three windows in two houses on Millett Street.

Sgt. Vernon Stevens investigated the broken window incidents that began Saturday morning with the report of a vehicle driving down Millett Street the windshield of which was hit by something and broke, police Chief Ernest Steward Sr. said Monday.

It was followed by reports of a broken pane of glass in a double-hung window in one home and another report of broken glass panes in two separate windows of another house, he said.

The Livermore Falls boy was interviewed while his parents were present and then released to their custody.

The case has been forwarded to a juvenile corrections officer to determine if any charges will be forthcoming, Steward said.

The total damage was $600, with $300 of those damages for the windshield and $100 each for the house windows.

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