FARMINGTON — “American Pickers” Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz want to bring the History Channel show to Maine.

Where in Maine depends on where private collections of items people collect and store can be found, show producer Thomas Giglio said Wednesday.

Giglio contacted the Franklin County Chamber of Commerce looking “to send out feelers and find people here with private collections,” he said. 

They plan to start shooting new episodes in Maine after Labor Day, he said.

The Cineflix Inc. documentary show features two skilled pickers, Wolfe and Fritz, who travel around the country looking at collections of antiques and other items. They often provide a story about the items and the person they visit.

“The show examines how determination and amazing instincts drive the pickers to salvage the good junk from the bad junk,” he said. “On the adventure, our team meets fascinating characters along the way, each with a story to tell about the history of their collection and their own lives.”


As a producer in New York City, Giglio starts by finding these potential people. He seeks calls and emails from potential collectors. A scout is then sent out to follow up. A crew will come out after Labor Day to start shooting the shows.

Nestled within a hodgepodge of things, a collection of stuff, may be an antique or treasure that the stars will discover and buy, he said.

“We’re not looking for neat items or only one or two items,” he said. “We look at cluttered, messy, dingy stuff they can look through.” 

It might be things people picked up at a yard sale, stored and then items just kept piling on.  Items collected from different time periods, including war memorabilia, old advertising or antiques left in barns or warehouses, he said.

This leaves out antique shops or estate sales. They are looking for people who have a lot of stuff, he said. The American Pickers purchase and pay cash for items on the show. 

“We are gearing away from agriculture items, glassware and signs,” he said. The show also is not looking for tools, appliances, tractors, crocks or country primitives.


Only large collections are considered for the show, he said.

Giglio asks for emails and phone calls within the next couple weeks. Photos of items along with your name, number, address can be sent to [email protected] or call and leave a message at 646-493-2184.

[email protected]

Items “American Pickers” is looking to buy:

* Motor scooters: Vespas, Lambretta, Cushman

* Old advertising signs


* Motorcycles

* Bicycles (Pre-’60s to turn of the century)

* Unusual radios: transistor/tabletop

* Old toys: tin, wind-up, cast iron

* Pre-’50s vending machines

* Pinball and slot machines


* Old movie posters

* Antique casino/gaming machines

* Vintage movie memorabilia

* Vintage advertising Items

* Taxidermy

* Vintage concert posters and T-shirts


* Early Boy Scout items

* Pre-’60s vintage diner collectibles

* Pre-’60s TV merchandise

* Pre-’50s western/equestrian gear

* Classic motorcycle memorabilia

* Old rodeo items


* Airline collectibles: Pan-Am, TWA, Etc.

* Late-’70s and earlier military items

* Extraordinary mobster memorabilia

* Vintage police officer collectibles

* Firefighter collectibles

* Pre-’40s telephones


* Folk art

* Vintage BB guns/cap guns

* Early Halloween items

* Pre-’40s Christmas items

* Hawaiian/Tiki collectibles

* Vintage sports collectibles


* Vintage election memorabilia

* Musical instruments

* Civil War antiques

* Vintage gas pumps

* Pre-’70s neon signs

* Strange woodcarvings

* Vintage collegiate collectibles

* Casino tables

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