FARMINGTON — The Healthy Community Coalition of Greater Franklin County (HCC) presented four area businesses with WorkHealthy! awards for their outstanding efforts in promoting good health for their employees.

Awards were presented on June 17 at the Franklin County Chamber of Commerce board meeting hosted at Calzolaio Pasta Company.

Darryl Wood, LEAP executive director, and Cassie Smerdon, direct support professional, Rebecca Scott, Health Quest team leader, Tricia Robinson, University of Maine Farmington Wellness Team chairwoman, and Joe Tinkham, Care and Comfort’s Wilton site district manager, accepted awards on behalf of their organizations.

Businesses that received awards place high priority on promoting health for their employees by conducting health assessment surveys to measure employees’ interests and readiness to focus on a healthy lifestyle.

Businesses also created substance abuse and tobacco-free policies along with promotion of physical activity and healthy eating while at work.

HCC Program Associate Heather Fellman said, “Since we spend a majority of time at work, it’s beneficial for everyone to encourage employers to focus on healthier habits at work so we can reduce the risk of developing a chronic disease, workplace injuries and obesity, and create overall happier employees.”

By supporting a tobacco-free lifestyle, encouraging physical activity and/or promoting healthy eating, businesses and organizations may realize the benefits of a healthier workforce, including reduced absenteeism, reduced disability and health care costs, improved productivity and increased morale and loyalty.

HCC’s WorkHealthy! program focuses on all these aspects along with taking the time to recognize participants as community leaders for promoting good health for employees.

HCC can also provide worksites with other services to promote healthy behaviors, including flu shots, health screenings, lunch-and-learn educational sessions, newsletters, technical assistance and educational materials.

Any business or organization that would like more information on the WorkHealthy! program should to contact Heather Fellman at 779-2934 or

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