Upon walking into Saucy Pots Cooking & Baking Supplies this week and spying a sponge labeled “walnut scrubber,” Bag Lady’s first reaction was, “You scrub walnuts?”

Weird. True story.

After further examination, the sponge was just infused with smithereens of walnut shells for an extra bit of scrubbing muscle. Which people who know their way around a kitchen would know.

Bag Lady, however, does not know her way around a kitchen. At all. Thankfully, that did not keep me from falling for Saucy Pots.

With bright silicone spaghetti servers, sweet aprons and culinary gadgets as far as the eye can see, the month-old store in the Marden’s strip mall on outer Main Street is World Over Imports-meets the Old Port-meets, really, what might fall between a gaming shop and Edward’s Restaurant.

But don’t question. Just love. And, when you bake a delectable mustache-shaped cookie (keep reading), please bring me one.

* Whisks, variety of prices

I counted six kinds of whisks, one of which had a giraffe-neck handle, and it’s a distinct possibility I could have missed a few others. Six whisks. That’s some serious meringue.

* Olive tongs, $3

What is an olive tong? Fair question. It’s a miniature, metal tong with little, swirly half-baskets on either end. Seeing it will make you want to throw a dinner party at which you casually ask, “Would you like an olive with that?” — just so you can grab this item from a drawer, artfully fish an olive out of the crowded jar and have your guests say, “Wow, that chick is classy.”

All for $3.

* Blueberry rake, $24

About the size of a half-loaf of bread, for picking berries and cultivating upper arm muscles.

* English muffin rings, four-pack, $6.50

Now, Bag Lady is not so much of a baking dolt that I imagined English muffins just appear by magic at Hannaford, but I’d honestly never entertained the idea of baking English muffins, or even knew that it was possible to bake them at home. Yourself. Without the man. (Sorry, Hannaford.)

* Engraved wooden spoons or spatulas, $8

With a sweet bird-and-tree pattern, nice for gifting the baker in your life.

* Onion goggles, $24

Avoid those pesky onion cutting-related tears! Look moderately cool doing it!

Best find: Mustache-shaped cookies pan, $11

Bakes six at a time in three different shapes. Our love and admiration for mustaches at Bliss is well documented. These are flippin’ adorable. Nothing more I can say.

Think twice: Dual action potato masher, $16.75

Not so much a firm think twice as a “hmm” think twice. It’s advertised as the “world’s greatest potato masher.” What’s dual about it? Another fair question. Reading an online review, apparently it mashes and aerates at the same time. In person, it looks, well, quirky, and I’m on the fence about needing to replace my barely-used masher with something so fancy. That said, if you try it, and you’re wowed — or not — let me know what you think.

I’ll just be over here, scrubbing my nuts.

Bag Lady’s true identity is protected by a pair of stylish, sweater-wearing Doberman Pinschers (who won’t stop shedding — seriously, where does all that hair come from?) and the Customer Service counter at the Sun Journal. You can reach her at [email protected]

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