I really need to address Ronald Gallant’s total lack of true historical facts in his letter (Aug. 2).

First of all, Palestine is not 4,000 years old. After putting down the Bar Kokhba revolt in Judaea in 135 AD, an event which nearly exterminated all Jews, the Roman Emperor Hadrian, an anti-Semite, re- named Judaea “Syria Palaestina” after the Jewish peoples’ ancient enemies, the Philistines.

Hadrian continued to persecute the Jewish peoples, and forbade them from ever re-entering their former land.

So, following real world history which, by the way, is information that is and has been available to all, I do not in the least support the fictitious country of “Palestine,” nor do I support the terrorist organizations funded by Iran, such as Hamas, Hezbollah and even the former PLO, who all run Palestine.

Shame on America for not wholesale support of Israel, the rightful owners of that area for 4,000 years. Shame on America for not helping to evacuate the Gaza citizens, being used as human shields, which would then free Israel to root out and destroy those terrorists, Hamas, Hezbollah, etc., without the human shield casualties.

Shame on the major network news agencies for acting as terrorist PR agents. Their totally biased reporting fails to target the root cause of Gaza civilian deaths — Hamas purposefully using civilians as human shields.

So, the true “shame, shame, shame” is on anyone who supports terrorist-led Palestine.

Jamey Lebel, Buckfield

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