SABATTUS — Residents of Sabattus are now able to get free burn permits via an online system that distributes the information directly to the dispatchers and fire officers.

Fire Chief Marc Veilleux has subscribed to an online burn permitting system called, which was created by a couple of West Gardiner firefighters.

The town currently issues about 300 open burn permits a year through the fire station, the town office and the state’s open burning permitting system.

Subscribing to the online service costs the department a $75 annual fee, but is free to use for all residents of Sabattus and much cheaper than staffing the station on weekends to issue permits to residents.

A number of local departments are currently using the system, including Augusta, Bowdoinham, Gardiner, Litchfield, Pittston, Richmond, Topsham and West Gardiner. More departments are signing on weekly with the system.

The online system allows the ability to set restrictions on the permit based on the appropriate burn times, fire danger classifications, weather conditions as well as availability of fire department resources. Permits will not be issued on class 3 and higher days. Although a class day may be a 1 or 2, which are allowed burning days, high winds over 15 mph will result in a closure of permits so as not to spread hot burning embers.

The new system sends a text to fire department officers telling them where people will be burning.

Residents can get free burn permits by logging in to or by going to the Maine Forest Service website, where a two-day permit costs $7, at

Veilleux asks that residents please read the terms and conditions which outlines the restrictions of what can and can’t be burned.

Residents without computers can still obtain a free permit by going to the Sabattus Town Office during regular business hours or at the Sabattus Volunteer Fire Station if a member is present.

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