OTISFIELD — During the Seeds of Peace Camp flag-raising ceremony Aug. 2, past campers, called “peer-support counselors,” told new campers what to expect during their three-week stay.

Aziz, a young man from India, used humor to illustrate the diverse, multinational aspect of the camp, which brings together teens from several countries for a three-week journey into self-identity and coexistence. Every morning, they take part in a mass rally called “Line Up,” followed by a dialogue session.

Aziz described the camp as “the only place in the world where you will have your warm, cozy blankets pulled off of you at 7 a.m. by an American, then get overtaken on the way to the shower by a Palestinian, have a conversation at Line Up with an Israeli, dine with an Egyptian, play soccer with a Jordanian and have dialogue with a Pakistani, only to have it all told to you by an Indian.”

Nearly everyone broke out in laughter and applauded.

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