WOODSTOCK — Residents will decide how to deal with $50,000 in overdrafts and a reduction of the town’s tax commitment at a special town meeting at 6 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 19, at the Woodstock Town Office, Town Manager Vern Maxfield said Friday morning.

The town meeting will take after the selectmen meeting at 5 p.m, he said.

One article will ask residents if they wish to appropriate $30,000 from the town’s excise tax account to cover anticipated overdrafts in the winter roads account. Maxfield said the overdrafts were because of the harsh winter.

“We had to buy additional road sand, road salt and cover extra labor costs,” he said.

Another article asks residents if they wish to raise and appropriate $20,000 to cover overdrafts in the town’s equipment account.

“There’s some major repairs needed to two of the trucks in the Public Works department,” Maxfield said. “At first, it was just a few things, but the problems with the trucks have snowballed over time. It’s not so much the winter that caused the damage. It’s just a lot of wear-and-tear.”


Of the $20,000, $12,500 will come from the town’s fund balance, with the remaining $7,500 from taxes.

Another article asks residents if they wish to appropriate up to $10,000 from the firetruck reserve account to pay for repairs to the turntable gears on the town’s ladder truck. They are on the platform that turns the ladder, Maxfield said.

The final article asks residents if they wish to appropriate $20,000 from a Spruce Mountain Wind Farm account to reduce the 2014 tax commitment.




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