RUMFORD — The Hope Association is hosting a back-to-school fashion show and Glee Club performance at noon Friday, Aug. 22, said Sally Theriault, an employee with the organization.

Theriault said that the Hope Association hosts a fashion show twice a year, once in February and again before school starts.

“The fashion show consists of our clients and our employees dressing up in clothes from the What Not Shop and walking down a runway,” Theriault said. “Everyone always has a great time. It gives the community a chance to take part in something fun, and it allows us to showcase what we have to offer at the What Not Shop.”

There will also be a performance by the Hope Association’s Glee Club, Theriault said.

“Some of our clients and employees get together and sing a couple of songs,” Theriault explained.

Theriault added that the What Not Shop will hold a “five dollar fill-a-bag sale” during the fashion show, which allows customers to fill a bag with as many clothes as they can fit inside it for only five dollars.


“It’s a pretty popular sale that we hold,” Theriault said. “It’s a fun event for people to participate in.”

For more information, call 364-4561.


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