KINGFIELD — The Regional School Unit 58 board learned Thursday night there is $308,000 left over from fiscal year 2013-14, and they decided to use $80,000 of it for five projects.

Business manager Luci Milewski told directors from Avon, Phillips, Strong and Kingfield that each year’s budget is calculated on anticipated revenues and expenses for the coming year. At the end of the year, she totals the revenues and expenses and compares the actual costs with the budgeted amounts.

“Changes occur throughout the year, and they can include a variety of things,” Milewski said.

Maintenance work cannot go out to bid until the board approves funds to start the projects. Some of those jobs were completed at a lower cost than expected.

Unanticipated revenues can include, among many sources, tuition paid by students outside the district. For example, the district had expected to lose tuition from Carrabassett Valley students when Eustis withdrew from the district last year. Instead, some students decided to stay in RSU 58 and several students from outside the district also enrolled.

Other savings came from changes in special education costs and staff salaries and benefit packages. Milewski said $308,000 in unexpended funds remained in the budget. Unanticipated revenues totaled $275,000, she said.


She is waiting to hear from Drummond Woodsum, the district’s legal counsel, regarding the allocation of the money, she said.

The board agreed they need to pay for expenses related to school security and staff development to meet the new graduation requirements set by the Maine Department of Education. They voted to spend $20,000 for maintaining department vehicles, $20,000 for a digital entry swipe-card system and new keys for locks on all school building doors.

Directors allocated $30,000 for professional development for new math and English curriculum requirements set by the Maine Department of Education. They also appropriated $5,000 for a committee to develop a teacher evaluation system, required to meet state guidelines.

They also agreed to spend $5,000 to have the Maine School Management Association review and update the district’s policy book.

“The amounts for these designated projects come to $80,000,” Milewski said.

The board will continue discussion after it receives a legal decision on use of funds, she said.

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