AUBURN — City councilors will go behind closed doors Monday night to discuss their performance evaluation of City Manager Clinton Deschene.

Mayor Jonathan LaBonte said the annual review is part of the council’s contract with the manager.

“When we hired him, we made a commitment to him that we would conduct an annual review,” LaBonte said. “June was the actual anniversary date so we are a little late. But there was agreement that we would get through the budget process and to make sure that all seven councilors and myself could be available for that. Monday night is that date.”

Councilors hired Deschene in 2012 and he started in June of that year.

According to his 2012 contract with the city, Deschene was paid $94,000 per year when he first started. That increased to $97,000 after six months and $99,000 after completing his first year.

“At this point, we’re just focusing on doing the review,” LaBonte said.


He said he did not know how long the review and evaluation process would take.

“I won’t have a sense of that until I sit in with the council and have that conversation on Monday,” LaBonte said.

The contract also requires councilors to give Deschene 30 days notice and a six-month severance package if they decided to terminate his contract without cause and 90 days notice if they choose to not renew his contract.

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