At a recent Auburn School Committee meeting, a resident asked that he, not the Auburn schools, be the one to teach his second-grader about issues of sexuality. School Committee member Tom Kendall responded by proclaiming, “This is our curriculum.”

He continued on to say they teach “two plus two equals four” and don’t inform parents about that.

I am troubled by that attitude. Kendall is a public servant, as is every public school teacher and administrator. The public’s tax dollars pay for their salaries, pensions, desks, chairs and materials. They work for the public and people will tell them how to serve the public’s best interests. We, the people, own the curriculum.

I am tired of arrogance in government. We need humble public servants. Examples like the one above have motivated me to run as a first-time candidate.

David Sawicki, Auburn

Republican candidate for House District 64

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