The 12th Annual Girls Only Motorcycle Trip to Greenville was filled with a beautiful hike up Borestone Mountain in Monson, a boat ride over to Kineo Golf Course and carriage road, and many fantastic days spent playing on the shores of Moosehead Lake.

The 12th Annual Girls Only Motorcycle Trip to Greenville was filled with a beautiful hike up Borestone Mountain in Monson, a boat ride over to Kineo Golf Course and carriage road, and many fantastic days spent playing on the shores of Moosehead Lake.

Once again, our annual girls only motorcycle trip has come and gone, but the memories of the fun-filled days spent in the outdoors still bring a smile to my face. I am amazed at how quickly the year goes by and now we’re already looking back at our trip.

This year seven of us on bikes and one in the truck, departed Bethel under a beautiful sun-filled sky with temperatures so warm there was no need for long sleeves. The wind in our faces and rushing over our bare arms was freeing. Yes, we all understand the risks of riding without protective gear, but that gives us even more reason to start every trip out with a prayer of safety.

Our ride through the River Valley, into Wilton, Farmington Falls and beyond was enjoyable and made all the cares of life at home just slip away with the breeze. In fact, when we stopped for the first time to get gas, my friend Berta laughed and said she hoped she wasn’t hurting anyone.

She was picturing all her worries being taken by the wind and bouncing off the helmets of the girls behind her. It was a great visual, as that’s pretty much what we’re all doing while riding, just allowing the ride to soothe our bodies, minds and souls.

So many people have asked me if I’m nervous while I’m riding and what if something happens and a vehicle pulls out in front of me or an animal jumps out. I won’t kid you, in the first few weeks of having my license I was very nervous and uptight, but it didn’t take long for me to realize that the more relaxed I am and the less I’m making myself scared of what may or may not be ahead, the more enjoyment I experience.

Don’t get me wrong, like any sensible rider I still think of what I would do if something were to happen and how I would react, but for the most part I think about the ride and how enjoyable it is. Positive thinking brings about positive actions.


Riding with these women is such a positive influence on each and every one of us. We all have something to offer, even if it is a little bit of drool while sitting at lunch half way through our voyage north.

With our lunch break ending in Norridgewock, we were all getting pretty excited to arrive in Greenville, but we still had one more stop to make at Kingsbury Pond to enjoy the view and snap a few shots near the pristine waters.

The day was getting warmer under the scorching sun, so by the time we made the turn into the rest area at Kingsbury Pond, we were all ready to jump in the water, but we left that up to Chelsea, our four-legged mascot this year.

You see, my aunt Nona agreed to drive my truck for us and she brought her cute yellow lab along for the ride. We’re all dog lovers, so Chelsea was not lacking for attention.

As always, entering Greenville was a welcome sight looking out over the islands and waters of Moosehead Lake. This year the water looked silvery-blue and welcomed us with open arms and a nice little thunderstorm.

What would a motorcycle ride be without a little rain to keep you on your toes.


On our second day there, Mary Jane introduced us to our new love, chanterelle mushrooms, as we found out they were edible and went on many searches for them. Mary Jane prepared them in a sauce with green beans, in omelets and even added them to a mouth-watering grilled cheese made fancy.

We went on several hunts for mushrooms, collecting about four pounds of the delicious wood fungus. We looked for them while taking our morning walk/jog, we searched for them while hiking Borestone and while we were walking the carriage road around the Kineo golf course.

Mostly we found them hiding away in the shade of the Hemlock trees on the sides of the dirt roads and on Borestone.

There were many opportunities for fun while we were away, with the lake being right out our back door at East Cove we were able to swim, kayak, fish and just enjoy the view. Once in awhile we would catch the Katahdin steaming by with several people aboard enjoying the views from the water.

We all decided to spend one of our days riding over to Rockwood in order to ride the shuttle over to Kineo and explore a bit of the massive mountain that overlooks the golf course. It really was impressive to be powering toward that gigantic chunk of ledge looming over the greens.
I was dressed for riding on this day and will go back there to hike to the top when I’m prepared for hiking. Several of the girls agreed, so we enjoyed our time walking and taking pictures.

When we say the shuttle coming back we decided to hop aboard, as there were dark clouds looming behind us and threatening a downpour. We watched as the rain grew closer and wouldn’t you know it, as soon as we got to our bikes, the rain began.


We all jumped on our bikes and soon we were out of the rain and looking ahead to beautiful blue skies. It was a great afternoon ride back to Greenville.

With a little time playing in the water in kayaks and me being towed around on my float when we got back we were able to watch some incredible cloud formations circle around the lake for about an hour before we got a bit of the rain that was passing through.

We passed the night time hours with games that made us laugh so hard our cheeks hurt and cooking delicious meals fit for a king.

What a glorious few days spent playing and enjoying one another’s company. With our departure looming, we were all grateful to have spent a few days away and got to ride home under another gorgeous blue sky filled with sun.

I’m grateful for these women; Mary Jane, Sue, Lisa, and Rosie, who come back year after year to enjoy the week riding, hiking, kayaking and just enjoying themselves with me. And, to Nona, Jeanne and Berta, thank you for taking a leap of faith to join us this year for your first time.

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