It’s a good day when one can shop and save the world.

And not just, like, “Five cents of every $200 you spend on duct tape goes to support woolly yaks in Bolivia.” Not that I have anything against Bolivia. Or woolly yaks. They are a good, deserving place/animal, but my nickel probably isn’t going to go very far.

Also, I stopped needing that much duct tape after college.

But at the Habitat for Humanity Store, there’s shopping and helping, with no additional duct tape requirement. Unless you happen to want 66 wheels of the stuff for some reason. Which is entirely your business. No judging.

Maybe a little judging. 

Once known as the ReStore, it’s now just the Store, with a new location on Lisbon Road in Lewiston but the same mission: to sell new and used building materials and home goods to help pay for Habitat for Humanity’s work.


Need paint? Check. Appliances? Check. Red, blue or green shutters? Check times infinity.

Do keep in mind that it’s hit or miss. I wandered in on the day the Habitat for Humanity Store happened to have, among other items, a single padded toilet seat in white. New! But since inventory is based on donations, don’t expect new padded toilet seats every day.

So if that’s what you’re using all that duct tape for, you might want to dash down there now. Also, ow. Be nicer to your tush.

*  Shutters, $5 a pair

Plastic or plastic-like composite (hard to tell) shutters in various sizes and colors. Shutter your whole house for $50. It will thank you for it.

* Maytag air conditioner, $30


Hard to tell how powerful this used unit was, but you can bet it’s more powerful than the heat and humidity building up outside. September, you’re doing it wrong.

* Honeycomb blinds, $5

In white, 23 inches. For shutting out the world. Or at least the neighbor who likes to mow his lawn in a Speedo.

* Electronic dartboard with cabinet, $100

Like-new electronic dart game set in a tall wooden cabinet. The best thing is that it — duck!

* Hanging single globe pendant light, $45


Features a single glass shade with a metal vine twisted around it in design. Regularly $122.99. I know this because its original retail price tag was attached. It’s like winning the new-used lottery.

* Hardwood armoire with mirrored doors, $200

Tall (well above 7 feet) wooden armoire with ornately carved edges and metal door pulls. Features mirrors set inside the doors, drawers and a shelf designed for a TV. Nice without being gaudy. Which is important in an armoire. 

* Armchair, $10

A wide, heavy wooden armchair with thick padding covered in a sturdy maroon fabric. Looks like every chair in every college dorm hall everywhere. Which means it can probably stand up to your 8-year-old. Win!

* Glazed tiles, $40 per 12.5-square-foot box


Boxes of 4-by-4 inch glazed tiles in burgundy. Well, burgundy according to the store price tag. Grape according to the box label. Potato, potahto. But I’m going with burgundy.    

* Padded white toilet seat (elongated), $5

New, no duct tape needed. Enough said.

Best find: ReColor paint, $18 a gallon

Recycled latex paint produced by The Paint Exchange in Massachusetts and available in a variety of creatively named colors, including barn (red), spring (green) and burlap (brown). One hundred percent recycled, which is cool, and cheaper than regular paint, which is even cooler. With the cash you’ll save, you can go out and paint the town barn.

Think twice: About not stopping by.

Buy stuff and save the world. You’ll be like a shopping superhero.

Shopping Siren’s true identity is protected by a pair of stylish, sweater-wearing Doberman pinschers (who are glad they didn’t bring their kiddie pool in after Labor Day) and the Customer Service counter at the Sun Journal. You can reach her at [email protected].

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