ISIS is evil. The Nazis were evil. There are frightening similarities between them. Both stemmed from perceived injustice; both had the most modern weapons; both had masterful propaganda; both aimed at absolute supremacy; both had limitless zeal; and both were aided by secret sources of money.

The Nazis could have been stopped at an early stage without recourse to war if powerful nations had united to use peaceful means: monetary, help for the German people to resist, and diplomacy. War became inevitable by the time Germany was allowed to build a massive military machine.

So, too, ISIS. A great coalition of nations can offer options for a better life to those people under ISIS control. It can block the flow of money and weapons and it can prevent the appeal of ISIS for poor, despairing youth.

Limited military operation may be necessary, but not as the primary means of success.

The Marshall Plan saved Europe from another eventual war. It is time for nations to spend a fraction of the costs of war to end world poverty. The offer of an updated Marshall Plan, patiently publicized with a well-designed plan of action, can make peace and security in the world possible.

There are two requirements for the plan: participation by the people and long term implementation.

There is nothing more conducive to peace than people having decent living conditions, including food, shelter, work, sanitation, electricity and a physical environment that is free of pollution.

Hubert Kauffman, Oxford

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